Do you ever wonder why God is having you experience certain things? You know what I mean. We question Him during the challenging times in our lives, right? I understand I can’t speak for you, but I know for myself it’s never when life is going good that I say, “Hey, God! Why have you granted me this goodness in my life?” I do take the time to praise Him when he blesses me beyond my understanding. It’s when challenges arise that we ask Him. Do you ever really expect an answer? No, I don’t either. I am, however, a very analytical person and do try to figure things out on my own. For example, I’ll ask myself, now how could I have prevented that from happening? Could I have done something to have made the outcome different? In some cases, probably not. No matter how hard that is to digest sometimes it is at times, what was supposed to happen. I have, however, from experience learned in life that no matter how much I analyze something, or talk about it or ask God, I may not get an answer. I do need to remember that sometimes I must accept things for the way they are. It’s what I call accepting it and letting go. This leads me into sharing with you a Bible passage; It comes from Proverbs 3:5 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. We need to remember that we are His children and we need to allow Him to take over the challenges in life in which we may not understand. He will carry us in times of need. Also don’t forget, you must ask Him first. Talk to Him about it. Remember what Luke 11:10 says? If not, grab your Bible and check it out.


Hugs and prayers to you!