WHO IS TINA THOMPSON? “From the moment you meet Tina Thompson, it is hard not to be at ease with her.  The passion with which she talks about everything from her family, career, her personal memories – radiates from her voice.  It is clear that her spirit and her life is grounded in her roots…and that is what you get on her weekly television talk show Down Home with Tina.” Quoted in the Lancaster Living Magazine – December 2020 Edition. As I sit here and read what was written I think of what a blessing it is to have someone say those things about me.  Then I realize, that IS me!!!  When I am asked, “Who is Tina Thompson?” My reply is, “I know who I want to be and strive to be. I strive to be a good person and to make a positive difference in this world.  I most definitely love to talk.  I laugh often.  I have been told I have a lot of energy.  (I once heard one of my show guests call me a “spitfire” when he didn’t know I was in earshot.)  I also do my best to find the positive in all challenging situations.  If I can help someone, I try.  I’m strong but sometimes weak.  I am a God-fearing woman and pray often. I love life even when life isn’t always easy to love because I know we need to find the happy in every day.  I enjoy highlighting and sharing stories by inspirational people.  To put it all into perspective, the best way to describe me, I’m real.  On the DHWT show we will laugh, cry, and sometimes laugh until we cry.  My mission in life is to make others smile and bring positivity into a world where it isn’t always easy to find.  Life is too short not to find the good in every day!  On the DHWT show my guests and I have conversations that are fun and inspirational stories in a homelike setting where I strive for each of my guests to feel like they are down home….after all down home is where our stories began!” 



DOWN HOME WITH TINA IS “DOWN HOME”.   Tina welcomes each guest in her space with warmth and a huge smile.  She believes every person is special and treats each guest as if she is inviting them into her home.  Years ago visitors would typically take a gift to the hostess when invited to their home.  On DHWT the hostess gives a gift instead.  Each guest receives home made chocolate chip cookies!  This is to let them know how special they are and how much she appreciates having them on the show.  She also has conversations with different non-profits to find out about the positive things they do for the community as well as inspirational individuals to inspire us by sharing their stories!  She also highlights first responders, teachers, veterans, and students!  Down Home with Tina is always positive and fun!  She believes laughter is a must!  Life does have its ups and downs but she believes we gotta learn to laugh along the way and always, always do our best to stay positive!  Down Home with Tina – A positive way to learn about life by living, learning, loving, and sharing it with others!!