Have you ever been in a position where you felt that someone has done you wrong? In other words, hurt you in a way that you felt you could never forgive them? I had this happen to me, but it wasn’t by someone who was dear to my heart. Oh…that’s happened a time or two as well, but this was by a complete stranger. You see, several years ago I worked at a bank as a customer service representative, most commonly known as a bank teller. It was one of my favorite jobs to date. I enjoyed working with my co-workers.  I really enjoyed the customers that would stop by, and sometimes just to chat. Anyway, it was a normal Friday morning at the bank. A few customers here and there, nothing unusual.  Until mid-morning when a man with nylons pulled over his face approached my counter. He asked me, at gunpoint, to give me the money I had in my teller drawer. He then went down to the next teller in line and did the same, and so on.  He then told us to hold our hands up, lay face down, and not to move. If we did he would shoot.  I had never been so frightened in my life. To explain the fear I had is hard. It was horrifying.  I remember going into what I call “survival” mode and remembering to do what my employer taught us to do during training, that is to do exactly what the robber says. Unfortunately, he got away and was never caught.  Fortunately, none of us were hurt. Nothing further came of the situation.  It was very difficult knowing this person was out free running the streets. It was something that haunted me for quite some time. I had in my mind that he was going to come back and get me. I would see his face in every dark part of my home. The doors, the windows, the curtains had to always be closed shut.  My loving and loyal dog wouldn’t leave my side.  I’m certain she felt the fear I had within me. I’m also certain God knew my fear as well.  This fear is something I prayed and prayed about. I prayed that God would help me to deal with my fear that was within myself.  You see, I had always been afraid of my own shadow….afraid of the dark.  I’m not quite sure. I think it may have had to do with my older cousins scaring me when I was young with the “boogie man”.  It was one-day several months later that I was sharing my story about the robbery with a friend that they told me about a book they had once read. It was called “The Power of a Praying Woman”.  I’ve always been one that prays often. It was something taught to me as a young child.  Anyway, I found the book and it helped me to heal in a way I never knew. Let me ask you this, have you ever had an AHA?  I did!!  It was a moment when I realized something huge and figured out what it was I needed to do!  So here is what I did next. In my nightly prayers, I began asking God to help me to forgive the man who had violated my peace and safety and for Him to forgive the man as well. Do you know, when I did, it changed my life!  Since then I have never been afraid of the dark and it’s helped me to forgive others.  Anytime I feel violated or hurt I ask my Heavenly Father to forgive the one who has hurt me and for Him to help me to do the same.  Folks, we may never understand why someone does what they do, but we can ask God to help us to forgive them and to help us through the healing process.  This terrible event that I’m sharing with you happened almost 15 years ago. I know and realize that forgiveness is something that is sometimes very, very hard for us to do. Just please keep in mind, when someone violates or hurts you, they sometimes don’t even realize they’ve done it. It’s much better to just forgive them.  Let it go.  Give it to the Lord.  He will take care of it.  Hugs and prayers to you who have been violated or hurt. 

Hugs!  DHWT